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About Daniel Paris

Who am I?

What motivates and keeps me going in teaching is to encourage regular people to do yoga. I’m a regular guy who found great help in yoga by mere chance, and I believe yoga can help everyone as it has helped me. If you get the right experience at the beginning, as I did, you will want to keep doing it.


I have no background in any major sport, martial arts, dancing or gymnastics. I grew up in a house of readers and movie watchers. I studied engineering, and I worked for many years in an office environment, sitting at a desk most of the day.


I started doing yoga nine years ago. Today I feel stronger and more flexible, but I'm also more calmed and focused. Yoga has been there to cope with difficult times and to make the best out of the good ones.


I've been teaching for the last four years students of very different ages, body types, and lifestyles. I'm a certified 500hrs teacher with studies in Canada and India on Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. But Yoga is a continuous learning process that keeps me studying different yoga styles and trends, meditation techniques, sports science studies, and calisthenics methods.


Teaching is of great importance to me. It allows me to help people that want a healthier, happier life and a change in their lifestyle. My goal as a teacher is to show students what a great tool yoga can be for personal transformation.

yoga teacher and instructor in Toronto
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