Individual or group sessions

Private Classes
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There is no substitute for your personal practice. However, private sessions can help to encourage you in developing your own practice. Everyone’s practice is different. Private sessions are designed to address your particular wellness needs. It is more than motivation. It is about finding out what you want and finding out how yoga can best help you achieve your personal goals. Classes can be focused on therapeutic benefits, body conditioning, meditation or restorative.

Private group sessions are also a good way to strengthen relationships with people in your life, be it at work or at home. Sometimes it is easier to develop your practice with a teacher who will support you and encourage you now and later on down on the road. 

Some people need more personal space to open up to the yoga experience. At the beginning I found yoga studios very intimidating. A one-on-one practice can help to avoid the self-awareness state that restrains the beginner’s practice. 

For private sessions, please write me a few lines. I’ll answer any question you have. There are no commitments upon first meeting. We usually figure out where you are at physically and mentally and where do you want to be. Normally, we do a of couple classes to see if the dynamic works. Then we establish a short-term plan that works best for you and we agree upon a schedule and rates.

I also do special classes for certain events. In those cases we talk about the specifics of the event and how a private session would be beneficial for the participants group. The one major requirement is that there needs to be a space for the session that is peaceful and welcoming to the practice.